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Get the look of Love with Becca Gray

1st February 2018

Valentine’s Day is nearly here! Whether you have a first date, a date with your husband or even a date with your best mate, it is the perfect excuse to get dressed up and make yourself look and feel that extra bit special.

For me Valentine’s day is all about the colours pink and red. I love wearing these colours on my lips, nails, my clothes and even to decorate my home. I visited Centre Court to find out what new products they have ready for Valentine’s Day.

I love the beauty section in Debenhams, with so many of my favourite brands to pick from you can get all the latest products, and they have something for everyone.

I decided I wanted to create a romantic makeup look for this Valentine’s Day, as for date night I like to go for more of a soft romantic feel rather than going out make up.

If you are having a romantic evening in, then I think it should be all about sexy eyes and kissable lips. You want your date to be able to look longingly into your eyes, rather than be a bit scared by too much eyeliner!

I love Benefit‘s mascara to create this look, and this one is called ‘Too Faced Better Than Sex’ so a perfect name for Valentine’s Day. Team this with a glossy lip, like this brand new glow collection from Dior to create sexy, kissable lips that you don’t have to worry about smudging from too much kissing.

I tried on the perfect pinky red colour from their new spring collection which is all based on an Italian inspired theme. I also used from the new collection a soft pink blush, which gives that rosy cheeked healthy glow. If there are any guys reading this blog, remember we want Chanel not chocolates! If my husband is reading this, then I would like this perfume ‘Chance’ – it is a sweet soft smelling perfume, perfect for Valentine’s Day.