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Wise Words from Wonderful Women of Wimbledon

14th March 2019

Helen Clark Bell, Chief Executive, Love Wimbledon shares with us what inspires her and things that make her motivated.

“Inspiration can come from so many things, the people we work with, the places we visit, our family and friends or something as simple as a great song or piece of music. I am motivated by seeing the positive impact that the things I do have on others, whether big or small. A knowing smile or thank you note is as much appreciated as a large celebration. I believe it is

important to genuinely celebrate success. Success to me is when I can deliver something new, something worthwhile or something that really makes a difference.

My advice for the younger generation? Keep to your values,maintain your integrity, enjoy what you do and remember there’s no such thing as a bad idea, so stay creative!

A big Happy Mother’s Day to everyone.”