Customer Service

Centre Court are proud to be supporting customers with hidden disabilities, those who can’t wear face coverings and may need some additional assistance by supporting the Hidden Disabilities Sunflower campaign. The scheme offers support to people with disabilities that aren't always obvious such as dementia, autism, and visual or hearing impairments and acts as a discreet sign that the wearer may require extra support by our fully trained team and to help make the customer feel Centre Court is a safe environment to shop in.

It has been compulsory since 24th July for people to wear face coverings within Centre Court but for some people this can cause distress. By wearing a Hidden Disability Sunflower, the individual can feel safe and comfortable in the knowledge that they won’t be challenged to wear a face mask as the discreet sign shows that they are exempt.

Centre Court are offering sunflower lanyards and pins to any individual or their carer and these are readily available at our Management suite.  If you would prefer, you can also order these online at: